Is your child making poor choices at home, at school, or in the community?

 Do you want a different future for your family? Hope Harbor may be able to help.

Families come to Hope Harbor for many reasons, but generally families seek placement when they are tired, discouraged and seeking hope. You've tried individual counseling, family counseling, and the other resources available in your community but your child continues to make poor choices and struggle.  You need something less than a hospital, but more than your family home. 

Hope Harbor serves families with children ages 12-17 who have experienced traumatic events or adverse childhood experiences and who are making poor choices which negatively impact their personal and family lives.  They do not present a current risk of harm to self or others, are not currently in withdrawal from substances, are not actively psychotic, and are able to function in our family-like cottage environment.  Academically, children must function on at least a 7th grade level. 

The child and family must be willing to actively participate in our program with the goal of reconciliation. We are able to work with families who have OJA or OKDHS involvement. 


Hope Harbor is a family program. Although the child lives with us, our expectation is that all enrolled families are actively involved, and all financial aid is dependent on active involvement in our Intentional Hope program. Families remain responsible for basic and medical needs, are expected to attend family counseling monthly (appointments are available 8-5, M-Th), make weekly phone calls to their child, schedule monthly passes, attend quarterly parent workshops, and actively participate in all nine steps of the Intentional Hope family program. 



Hope Harbor does not accept immediate admissions. The application and application instructions are available below. Applications are not processed until all supporting documents are received.

Once your application and all supporting documents have been received, they will be reviewed and you will be contacted within one week. If we believe our program may be a good fit for your family, we will schedule an interview with you and your child. Your family will be notified of our decision within one week of the interview. We may request additional information, refer you to other services, or accept your family into our program. In some situations, we may offer conditional acceptance. Acceptance may mean reserving a spot our waitlist until placement is available. 

The application and application instructions are available below. Please note that we cannot guarantee the security of information submitted online. Applications are not processed until all supporting documents are received.

If you have questions, or would like
more information, contact us at 

918-343-003 x224 or by emailing

Hope Harbor Application for Admission