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HOPE 365 is a Great Way to GIVE!

When children and families spend all their time trying to survive, they can’t dream and lose hope. 

We provide a place where families can dream and find hope again.

At Hope Harbor, we specialize in helping at-risk teens and their families. We work through the trauma,
address the conflicts and empower our families to forgive, heal and thrive. 

Children who have experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) experience increased challenges in their adult lives. An ACEs score of 4 or more can increase depression, suicide attempts and risky behavior such as multiple sexual partners. Also with an ACEs score of 4 or more academic achievement, work performance and over all health decreases. An ACEs score of 6 or more can take 20 years off a person’s life expectancy. At Hope Harbor, our residents have an average ACEs score of 7.2. The challenges our children face are huge, and in the face of their struggle we offer an opportunity for hope and healing in the name of Jesus. 

When families struggle, Hope Harbor’s uniquely inclusive residential program provides hope for reconciliation. Offering a fully accredited on-site Academy, structured residential life, spiritual life, mental health treatment, and a program of Intentional Hope for parents, we bridge the divide between hurting teens and their families. 

Our program works! 100% of our graduates say the skills they learned at Hope Harbor continue to be beneficial to them.

“I got my dream job at a hospital, got into a very healthy and happy relationship, and have become 

best friends with my mom!” 

                                                                                     -Catherine, Former Resident

Please consider partnering with us. We are 100% privately funded. Just one dollar a day can ensure our program will be here for many more years to come. Together we can help families who have nowhere else to turn, but we can’t do this alone. Please donate today.