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Hope Harbor offers an immersive family reconciliation program designed to give your family the tools and support you need to navigate the storm, so you can enjoy peace and hope in your home. Hope Harbor serves adolescents and their families in our comprehensive residential program which is built on a foundation of faith and excellence.

  • Cottage Life: Six youth live with each of our Residential Life Specialist couples. The cottage life is structured, consistent, trauma-responsive and faith-based. Our Growing in Character model encourages character development while providing opportunities to practice new skills and develop new patterns of behavior. Residents work through our self-paced Growing in Character model over a period of nine months to two years.

  • Hope Harbor Academy: All residents attend Hope Harbor Academy, our high quality accredited on-site school. Hope Harbor Academy provides responsive individualized instruction with low teacher:student ratios, allowing our residents the opportunity to remedy academic deficits with our certified teachers.

  • Quality Counseling: All residents participate in individual, group and family counseling provided by our highly trained staff of Licensed Professional Counselors and Marriage and Family Therapists. Our consistent in-depth counseling allows residents to successfully work through past difficulties and current struggles while gaining the skills needed to navigate life and relationships. All interventions at Hope Harbor are evidence based. Counseling is directed toward individual and family successes with the ultimate goal of family reconciliation.

  • Intentional Hope: During the resident's time with us, parents/guardians remain actively involved with regular USPS mail, phone calls, and pass time, and remain responsible meeting their child’s medical and personal needs. Simultaneously, parents/guardians participate in family counseling, parent workshops and our Intentional Hope program. Intentional Hope is the family’s part of the work, an intensive program addressing parenting, family dynamics, vision development, and creating new patterns, which helps prepare the home environment for a successful reconciliation.

  • Aftercare: Hope Harbor offers an Aftercare program for all of our graduates. We keep in touch for three years after graduation, and longer if the family desires, to track outcomes and offer case management and counseling as needed.

Hope Harbor: Restoring Hope. Transforming Lives. Reconciling Families


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Schedule Your Workshop Today! 

•   One of our experts will present your workshop, Free of charge 

•   We will travel within a “reasonable” driving distance from the Tulsa, OK area 

•   We will design a workshop with as many or as few sessions that will fit your time concerns 

•   You are responsible for advertising your event as well as recruiting and registration of      participants 

•   You are responsible for any snacks or meals that are provided to participants should your      workshop be designed to go through lunch or dinner. 

•   We will take opportunity to speak to your audience about Hope Harbor and what we do. 

We have experts on our staff trained in a variety of disciplines. Here are some of the workshops and subjects we cover. 


•   What does a healthy marriage look like? 

•   Why marriages fall apart
•   Communication
•   Conflict resolution
•   Rekindling the fires of passion • The faithfulness plan 


•   Putting “fun” back into parenting • The COOL formula
•   Logical consequences
•   Turning words into gold 

•   Enforceable statements • Using choices to teach responsibility
•   Saying “no” by saying “yes” 

*Cost for Materials 


•   Grief, Loss, Trauma
•   Early Childhood Development 

•   Trauma Aftermath 



•   Why do I need estate planning? • Wills and trusts
•   Providing for your family
•   Leaving a legacy for years to come
•   Providing for your favorite charity 


(How can I know when my child is ready for baptism?) 

•   How young is too young? • How to say “Wait” without discouraging them
•   The age of accountability
•   Motivations for baptism
•   Studying with your child
•   Having them write a letter to you 


•   8 hour course for adults who regularly interact with adolescents
•   Offers an overview of common mental health challenges and typical development 

•   Provides a proactive 5-step action plan for meeting the needs of young people 

 *Cost for Materials 



•   PREP for marriage
•   Parenting Skills Training
•   Temperament Testing
•   Trauma & Development
•   Helping Churches get more Involved in the needs of the Community
•   Parenting for Teenage Parents 

•   Teaching Bible Classes for the 21st Century 



Bob Whiddon, Jr., Ph.D., D.Min. 

Executive Director at Hope Harbor 


Jennifer Bristow, MA , LPC Director of Clinical Services at Hope Harbor


Jessica Skidmore, MA, LMFT
Mental Health Specialist at Hope Harbor 

Kay Dalton, MS
Director of Education at Hope Harbor


Ralph Richardson, Ph.D. Former Executive Director at Hope Harbor,
Current CEO at Home of Hope in Vinita OK.